DH 1001 Assignment 1: The Creation of Our Podcast

For our very first assignment in DH 1001, we had to create a digital artefact. On the surface, it was a daunting prospect. In reality, it wasn’t as scary in practice. Especially not when it was such a collaborative project. We were all put into different groups and set off to work. 

First, a brief explanation of what a digital artefact is: A digital artefact can be practically anything digital. It can be a website, a podcast (which is what we ended up doing) even a TikTok. The possibilities are endless!

The crafting of our project was a process. Step 1: we needed to pick a topic from the list of topics we were given. Out of eight topics we were given digital publishing seemed like a good fit for our group.

On our meeting on December 1st, we divided up the topics to discuss who would research what. I asked if I could take a look at Entertainment in terms of Digital Publishing during the Covid 19 pandemic. It was a topic I already had some knowledge on and one I found fascinating. I spent some time looking through different websites and writing down what I already knew. Once I finished writing out my information, I emailed it to Jerry who had elected to be the scriptwriter for our podcast. 

When Jerry finished the script it and sent it to me, I read through it a few times as I was one of the two speakers for the podcast. Sean (my co-host) and I then did a few takes of the script to get more comfortable with talking while being recorded. Victoria, our editor and chief recorded and edited our best take into the final version, which is on Sean’s website, which I will link below.